Local Talent.

A Leeds College of Music artist is set to release her debut EP, The Walls I Built, this month. Hollie Haines, 21, has been living and playing in Leeds for three years now, studying and headlining shows. The singer-songwriter has been working in Loom Studio with her band and producer, Grant, to create the record.… Continue reading Local Talent.


10 Things You’ll Understand if You Were an Emo Kid.

We’ve all been there, as much as we hate to admit it… 1. You never had any money. New merch? Needed it. Tour? Had to go. New music? Straight to the record shop. 2. Your bedroom was covered in posters. Posters, stickers, tickets, magazine cut-outs, life size cut-outs! 3. Your friends were sick of you… Continue reading 10 Things You’ll Understand if You Were an Emo Kid.

Anthrax – Manchester Academy, 14/02/17.

Yep, as usual this post is slightly late... oops! Valentine's Day was different for me. February 14th saw 80's thrash metal band Anthrax take Manchester Academy by storm. I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's but my better half and I decided to stray from the conventional meal and drinks date and see one of… Continue reading Anthrax – Manchester Academy, 14/02/17.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Paid Meet-and-Greets.

Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Ariana Grande to name a few are well known for charging their fans to have the privilege of meeting them. From taking a picture to being onstage with a band, why do some artists make fans pay for these experiences? And why do so many others protest this? These days… Continue reading The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Paid Meet-and-Greets.