Feeling Like Me Again.

Long time no blog post... I'm back! I've been so desperate to start up this blog again, after not posting anything for over a year I feel ready to kick start it again. After having a really hard, stressful few months I completely pushed this blog to one side and neglected one of the things… Continue reading Feeling Like Me Again.



There has always been a stigma around the world of metal music, one that puts us in a different light. "How can you listen to that? They're just screaming, about death and depression" it's not really that though. It's almost refreshing to hear those guttural vocals, telling us the raw uncensored truths. These days we're… Continue reading Stigma.

Anthrax – Manchester Academy, 14/02/17.

Yep, as usual this post is slightly late... oops! Valentine's Day was different for me. February 14th saw 80's thrash metal band Anthrax take Manchester Academy by storm. I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's but my better half and I decided to stray from the conventional meal and drinks date and see one of… Continue reading Anthrax – Manchester Academy, 14/02/17.