There has always been a stigma around the world of metal music,

one that puts us in a different light.

“How can you listen to that? They’re just screaming, about death and depression”

it’s not really that though.

It’s almost refreshing to hear those guttural vocals,

telling us the raw uncensored truths.

These days we’re surrounded by music filled with sex, drugs and alcohol,

why is this the norm?

Yes, the style in which metal is can be off-putting to some,

but don’t take us all for self-hating, unwashed outcasts.

Sometimes the realest lyrics are sung over heavy guitars and drums,

it’s really not all as it seems.

Who are you to judge,

when your favourite blurs lines.

I would never change my taste in music,

even after the ridicule and dismay.

It’s here to stay.


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