Current Obsession.

As we all know, Ed Sheeran dropped his third studio album Divide (÷) on the 3rd of this month.

After he released Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill back in January I was very excited to hear what this album had to hold.

We were then teased with two more singles in February, How Would You Feel (Paean) and Eraser. These are already two of my favourite songs on the album, both very different from each other but both have that classic Ed sound.

My personal faves off the album are –

Eraser, Castle On The Hill, How Would You Feel (Paean), Dive, What Do I Know?, Shape Of You, Supermarket Flowers (I am not crying at this song, I just have dust in my eye), and Nancy Mulligan.

Yep, that’s 50% of the album!! I am utterly obsessed, I’ve struggled to narrow that down to just 6. I had high hopes for this album and it has definitely lived up to them. The mixture of styles varying from rap to folk on the album is so refreshing to listen to.

Ed Sheeran is back and bigger than ever. 


Listen to Divide (÷) on Ed Sheeran’s Spotify or buy it from his official site.

For fans of – James Bay, Jason Mraz, The Script.


3 thoughts on “Current Obsession.”

  1. Haha looks like you’re having a hard time picking a favorite! What’s the standout track for you?


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