While She Sleeps – Silence Speaks Release.

Last night saw Sheffield’s metalcore band While She Sleeps video release for their latest single. The new single, Silence Speaks features fellow Sheffield star, Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. The single is from their up and coming album You Are We.

As it begins you see the band set up in a dimly lit barn and straight away the song hits you with Lawrence Taylor’s powerful screams and that classic While She Sleeps chanting style of backing vocals. The song has a more toned down feel compared to previous singles such as Crows. The band have progressed over the years introducing Mat Welsh’s cleaner style of singing more in songs, the video show’s him and other members individually in darkness with a spotlight on them, highlighting their parts in the song. Even with this slight change in form, it is unmistakably While She Sleeps bellowing at you. Their trademark guitar sound can be heard through out this new single, following the true metalcore style they keep.

The video jumps between settings, moving into a bedroom full of posters and stickers, where Taylor jumps about whilst screaming into his microphone. This really resonates with fans as a lot of them will have similar bedrooms where they will listen to the band’s songs or even jump about in the same way singing along! It makes me feel quite euphoric as in my younger years where my room was exactly the same.

3 minutes in the setting changes once again to a living room full of amps and brings the strong vocals of Oli Sykes, something not as commonly heard anymore after Bring Me The Horizon’s fairly drastic change from metalcore to a much less aggressive style of music. It brings a different dimension to the song making for a refreshing change in vocals.

Like most metalcore songs there is a section in the song both vocally and instrumentally that brings you back down to earth. Here the band showcase their clean vocals and more melodic riffs whilst situated amongst snowy trees. The lyrics in this section put across a powerful message, “you can do better on your own” – this comes after the band decided to go independent for their new album and left their label. It sounds like this is them shouting a big “F**K YOU” to the music industry and proving they’re stronger self-producing music.

Silence Speaks has definitely got me and other fans hyped for what the band’s third studio album will bring! And with Oli Skyes featuring on a single, does that mean we have a chance of a WSS x BMTH tour in the future?


You can hear Silence Speaks on the bands Spotify, for the video check it out on their Vevo and to pre-order their new album You Are We head over to their official site.

While She Sleeps, for fans of – Bury Tomorrow, Parkway Drive, Bullet For My Valentine


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