Night People Review

This is slightly late but hey, better late than never!

The beginning of January saw the long-awaited release of You Me At Six’s fifth studio album, Night People. In August 2016 the band teased fans by releasing the first single from the album, title-track Night People. After that they released four more singles in an effort to build up excitement for the drop. After the #1 release of Cavalier Youth in 2014 the Surrey five-piece had a lot to live up to. From the offset, you can tell the album is heavier than their typical pop rock style, with its hard hitting opening drum beat and guitar riffs. As the band are getting older they are moving further away from their first album Take Off Your Colours into a more mature style. The first track has a Royal Blood vibe about it, full of punchy beats letting fans know they’re back. Onto Plus One you are immediately hit with a very heavy rock feel and Josh Franceschi’s familiar voice with a much huskier tone. There are definitely a few songs on the album such as Heavy Soul and Take On The World that would fit perfectly onto Cavalier Youth. It’s nice to hear a familiar style within this new wave sound YMAS are creating. Take On The World really brings you back down after hearing the first few songs, it’s a comforting break to have in the album, one full of heartfelt words and angelic vocals. Brand New kicks in with a similar lower beat tone but once the chorus hit’s it is one of those songs you want to sing at the top of your voice with friends, definitely one of the catchiest on the album. The early Fall Out Boy feel at the beginning of Swear really gives the song a nostalgic feel to it. However, I feel a lot of the album is quite samey. Each song does have slight differences but there is a very similar beat to the majority of tracks which gives it a repetitive feel even though this is something completely different for You Me At Six. The album finishes on a lower note alike Take On The World which closes the album softly but lacks the powerful song you’d imagine it to end on, leaving fans wanting more.

Overall Night People is a good comeback album for the band but there are aspects that could be improved on, I think they should have spent more time working on this new style to really make the album something special. Long-time fans could be disappointed in the stray from their roots but all bands mature and hopefully You Me At Six are going in a progressive new direction.



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