So it’s 10 to 12 at night on Wednesday the 7th of August 2016 and I have decided to start a blog.

This is something I have wanted to do for so long but never really had the confidence or felt like I truly knew what to write about. I have interest in a lot of things such as fashion and beauty, the typical things girls will blog about but my biggest passion is music. Metal the be exact, and the sub-genres that come with it.

I thought I would start out this blog with my top 5 releases of the year so far seen as though I haven’t been able to properly review them.

Coming in at number 5 is Moose Blood’s Blush. I have only gotten into Moose Blood over the past 5 months or so but they’re a band that have grown dear to my heart. This album is fairly different from their debut album (I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time) and their EP’s before that in my opinion. Songs like Shimmer, Sulk and Cheek are what you would expect from the Kent based emo band – with meaningful lyrics and beautiful guitar riffs, their quiet toned songs are always a favourite amongst fans however to me it feels like there is something extra special on this album. Each song has a magical feel about it and you know the band have really put their all into this second album and it shows. Not to mention the understated album artwork is so pretty, it just draws you in straight away!

At 4 we have Pierce The Veil’s fourth studio album Misadventures. I have been a fan of PTV now for as long as I can remember, these were one of the first bands I ever got into when I started listening to this genre. Friends will laugh because only last year I saw Cannibal Corpse yet I have waited 4 years for this album! Wow, there is a reoccurring theme of the number 4 in this paragraph!! Anyway, from the off you can hear the distinct sound of Pierce The Veil with Mike’s fast post-hardcore drum style and Vic’s high pitched voice. This album has a lot of similar styled songs to their previous release Collide With The Sky. Songs like The Divine Zero and Sambuka are of a familiar style to their previous work which I absolutely adore. It’s such a comfortable album and I love that – the band haven’t stepped too far out of their normal style but have a difference in this album that make you appreciate that they have grown up and are going in a great new direction. The beginning of Songs For Isabelle almost reminds me of more modern pop punk music. I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

Onto album number 3, this has to be Deftones Gore. As soon as they released Prayers/Triangles I was obsessed. You have the same Deftones nu-metal vibes but with a hint of technical emotion, if that makes any sense? I was never a big fan of their previous album Koi No Yokan even though I would class all releases before as some of my all time favourite albums so at first I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I could not get over how fresh this album sounds, it’s less aggressive compared to the likes of Around The Fur and Diamond Eyes but it is an absolute masterpiece. I’ve loved the direction in which they have gone, Acid Holagram is one of the highlights of the album and if I was going to recommend any song it would be this one for the beauty in Chino’s voice and the dirty guitar riffs that make Deftones what they are. Plus, the artwork is so simple yet so cool, it’s not something I would put with a band of this style yet it works with the feel of the album so well.

We’re getting close to number one now, my runner up of the year is Weezer’s White Album. I cannot believe that Everything WIll Be Alright in the End came out two years ago now! That album was the soundtrack to my college years. I have been in love with Weezer for quite some years now (what could possibly be better than the Blue Album?) and with every release from this nerdy Los Angeles they take over even more of my heart. We waited 4 years for their comeback and they did not disappoint with EWBAITE so I had very high expectations for this years album. It has that pumped surfer vibe that Weezer are known for, however I feel like Rivers’ voice has changed through each album (maybe due to age, who knows!) but this style he has going on at the minute is special. The higher pitched tone he has in songs such as Thank God For Girls and Jacked Up just makes me summer to never end. This is such a feel good album, I really cannot knock it.

Last but not least, my favourite release from this year has to be Red Hot Chili Peppers The Getaway. This is truly one of the biggest and bestest comebacks I have witnessed in my lifetime. RHCP are back and they have made it known. When I first heard Dark Necessities I was transported to another world, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in my short 18 years of life and I’m going to be bold and say it is one of the best songs they have ever recorded. Once that song came out I was DYING to hear the album and I was more than satisfied when I finally did. Their chilled out skater style takes me back to being younger, this album really makes me feel good about everything. There isn’t a single song I could fault. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect this to be as good as it really is, I doubted the fact that they could still produce songs that make you want to be a kid dancing around without a care in the world after 30+ years of making music. If I was going to recommend anyone an album to listen to this year it would without a doubt be this one, I can’t praise it highly enough! Long live Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I hope this super lengthy first post wasn’t too much, I am going to try update weekly as I’ve enjoyed pouring out a few emotions just now haha.

Thankyou for reading,



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